Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Week in the Life - Day 7


I'm struggling today and the family event scheduled tomorrow seems beyond the limits of my health. I desperately want to attend so today has to be quiet.
I wake and slowly get ready for the day. I am not planning on going anywhere so do not bother showering in the morning. My hair needs washing at some point today but I'll leave that to the evening. I manage to get dressed and spend some time listening to The Rent Collector on Audible. It is easy to lie on the bed and take in the words. 

I want to feel productive. I want to feel like I am achieving something more than sitting and watching or sitting and reading. I decide to go through old digital files. I am ridiculously bad at deleting the photos I will never use in a million years. For some reason, the blurry, over-exposed, I-have-no-idea-what-this-is-a-photograph-of pictures still remain in folders on my hard drive instead of being deleted and making space. I am very much aware that I need to back up my computer at some point in the near future. It is on my to do list, I just don't get round to it. One of these days, I am going to regret putting it off so long!

My Handsome Man invites me to play golf. We haven't played card games in an age so I agree. We play nine rounds rather than eighteen. Nine rounds give me enough of a headache that I need to take a break.

After card games I really need to rest. My Handsome Man is having a down day today - we all have them (me winning at cards probably didn't help!). This evening we decided to have a date night at home. We chose a movie (Birdman - his choice), got some treats, and watched together before I showered and got ready for bed.

My last day of a Week in the Life really wasn't an exciting one. It was a regular day of me trying to pace myself. It was a day of few photographs because I didn't have the energy to use the camera. It consisted of me being aware of plans in the future and knowing I have done too much this week to prevent me from feeling heavy symptoms after the event.
This week is a week in my life, a week that was more on the active side than normal. I pushed myself, energy-wise, so I could celebrate my birthday. I am still paying for doing so. Add to that the family event and I will probably spend most of next week recovering.
This is my life. I am incredibly lucky to be married to My Handsome Man. I hope that those who have followed along this week will have gained a little more of an understanding of what it is like to have M.E.. I hope that you see how I have to conserve energy, and the cost of pushing myself too much.
My week included only a few of my symptoms. I was fortunate sleep-wise. I have weeks where I struggle with insomnia and act (and look) like a zombie throughout the day. I have days where headaches are so severe I can't move my head. I have days of nausea, and very little appetite.
This is just an insight into my life with M.E.. I hope that next time you meet someone with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis you will understand the things that they deal with on a daily basis a little better.
I am grateful for the health I do have, and for the adventures I am able to go on. My life might seem limited to you but I will forever be grateful for the ability to leave my house, no matter the cost for doing so. I know there are others with M.E. who aren't so fortunate.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Week in the Life - Day 6


I woke today feeling okay. On Sunday we have a family event that we would like to attend - celebrating the birth of a baby boy in to the family. I really need to start thinking about ways to conserve energy so that I am well enough to go.
I spent most of the morning in bed. I began to read one of the books that My Handsome Man got me for my birthday but found it was too painful to hold the book for a long period of time. My muscles hurt more in the morning.

After a rest, I switched to the Audible app on my phone. I have been listening to The Rent Collector and I am really enjoying it. I find listening to a book when I'm having a semi-bad M.E. day is really good but, like other activities, I get a headache if I listen too long.

I got a headache.
I took some painkillers and rested for a few hours.
After yesterday's failure to help around the house I planned on making dinner. It will be the one big activity I do today. Normally I try to slowly prepare throughout the day, resting between chopping vegetables etc. Today we have no food in the house. I did a click and collect shop online for My Handsome Man to collect on his way home. He helped by unpacking the groceries as I started on dinner.

I cooked dinner.
I actually lasted the whole meal and didn't have to get My Handsome Man to take over half way through. I tried out a new recipe from Deliciously Ella. The butternut squash that arrived with our shop was enormous so we had leftovers for another day when I have less energy, and My Handsome Man wants a break from chores.

After dinner I started to feel the cost of today's exertions. I decided to have a relaxing candlelit bath to soak my muscles. I used a candle I got as a birthday present, and part of a Lush Bubble Bar (another birthday present) before heading to bed and reading.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

A Week in the Life - Day 5


After yesterday's bad day, I had a couple of goals today to help out around the house by doing a couple of chores. I woke early (7:30), bathed and got ready. It is always a slow process for me in the morning, resting as I go. I didn't put make up on today because I wanted to conserve energy.

My Handsome Man and I talked about going to the cinema later in the day and then I got up to try and do the washing up. About four dishes in to washing up he came to take over. Yesterday's bad day meant that if we wanted to have a cinema trip it wasn't a good idea for me to wash up.

It's hard not to feel guilty when you can't help out as much as you wish you can. I don't want all the household chores to fall to my husband. I know people who see it as a luxury and joke that they wish their husband did more around the house. After months of not really helping much, of every chore falling to someone else, of being waited on hand and foot, it is incredibly difficult to not feel like a burden.

I try to find hobbies to do that will benefit the family - a use for my time that will make me feel of worth and help me avoid sinking into a spiral of depression. Having M.E. got me in to photography. I could no longer join in the activities I used to, so now I take my camera along and try to snap photos of my friends and family having fun. It helps me feel involved. I use Project Life by Becky Higgins to document all my photos. I have to do it in short bursts otherwise I get a headache. Today when I couldn't wash up, I sat and slotted photos from January into photo pocket pages.

A friend popped over with some choccy melts, (delicious treats) which cheered me up and helped me stay positive. I talked My Handsome Man in to taking me to see Far From the Madding Crowd and I really enjoyed it. I haven't read the book but it made me want to. My Handsome Man wasn't looking forward to seeing the movie. He appreciated how well it was shot and said he didn't hate it - I call that a win.
Walking out of the cinema, my knee buckled, painfully. Luckily My Handsome Man stopped my fall. My knee suffered for it and I wasn't really able to put weight on it last night which meant that My Handsome Man volunteered to do dinner so I could sit with my leg up.

Thursday night is football night. My Handsome Man and a large group of friends gather to play football for an hour or two. Again, I was surrounded by all that I could possibly need in the evening. (He doesn't actually support Everton, to the confusion of all newcomers to Thursday Night Football)

When he got home we watched an episode (or 3) of a television show and then headed to bed.

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