Sunday, 20 July 2014

Me and You - July

This month is flying by so fast.
We are moving this week and I do not feel ready. My to-do list feels a mile long. The living room is slowly becoming less of a living space and more a pile of boxes ready for moving day. We are discovering more items that need replacing because of damp and in many ways we are ready to have moved a month ago.
Alongside packing the sun has taunted us to come out and play. With us knowing there are pressing jobs that need to be done within the week, I found myself on several occasions not caring and doing the irresponsible, putting the chores on hold and grasping sunny days with my Handsome Man with both hands. It's England after all, who knows how long the sun will last before it retreats behind the rain clouds.

On sunny days I often get ideas in my head and they circle around until the weather changes or until we accomplish the picture perfect moment I have been imagining. 
It's odd I know. 
This time I found myself craving the idea of sitting outside a cafe drinking refreshing ice cold beverages, basking in the sun, people watching with my Handsome Man.
And that is exactly what we did.

It was blissful.

Last night we went on a double date, we laughed till we needed to pee, we ate too much, we played games and just had an amazing time.

Recently budgets have been tight and my health has been bad, our date nights have become a series of makeup-less evenings in front of the tv or a movie.
It felt good to spend time on my appearance, for me to actually apply makeup, to wear a favourite top, to go out with friends and just enjoy being in each other's company.

I love him for being happy with either option, for not minding if I need to stay on the sofa in pjs with no make up; for happily buying drinks and sitting in the sun people watching or for double date nights where I use up the majority of my energy laughing, chatting and snapping a couple of photos.
For loving me just the same.
No matter what.

dear beautiful

Monday, 7 July 2014

Food Photography

I have been wanting to try food photography for a while. For the past few months my spare time has been consumed with browsing pinterest for food photography ideas, searching blogs for tips and tricks and examining our cupboards for items that could be used as props.

I never got round to taking photos.

As much as the idea of taking photos of food excited me, it scared me. My head was full of self doubt:
What if I do it wrong?
What if I look like an amateur because I get my reflection in the cutlery?

Stupid really. The only way to learn is to practice. Luckily I have creative photography homework with the course I am doing and this week the subject was food photography.

I finally started taking photos.
Here are some of the results

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Project that didn't go to plan.

Sometimes you start projects and everything goes to plan. It takes less time than you imagined and you feel so proud of the end result. Other times, you hit stumbling block after stumbling block, or you have a time frame in mind and that deadline sails past and you find yourself still working away no where near finishing.
This was one of the latter projects.

After getting married, I discovered that my Handsome Man had a bigger wardrobe than I did.
Um HELLO, isn't that the woman's role? She is normally the one who has the most bags, clothes and shoes and here I was failing on every count.

I soon realised that although I had fewer clothes, I actually wore them ALL.

My Handsome Man, however, had mountains of clothes in his wardrobe and drawers that he NEVER wore but he couldn't bring himself to throw away. I think I have three items that are sentimental and will never be thrown out. Whereas my Handsome Man had all his previous work uniforms and a large pile of t-shirts.
I love to have a good declutter regularly, allowing me to see what is in my wardrobe. As I cleared out yet another bag of clothes, I broached the idea of Handsome doing the same.
It was upon having this discussion that I discovered Handsome is a hoarder sentimental person. He spent two years doing voluntary work in Albania and lots of the clothes he had been given or bought over there. He just couldn't bring himself to throw them out. They had too many memories and as a result they were cluttering up his wardrobe and preventing him from seeing what clothes he had. I suggested making a blanket and his eyes lit up. He promptly got to work sorting his clothes in to four piles.

Pile number one: Clothes that I will never wear again and quite frankly should have chucked out years ago.

Pile number two: Clothes I will never wear but are not allowed to be cut up under any circumstances (3 items went into this pile).

Pile number three: Clothes for the blanket.

Pile number four: Clothes that I wear.

This conversation occurred about a year ago.
I had in my head that I would make the blanket for his Christmas present.

Christmas flew by, no blanket.

I changed the deadline to Handsome's birthday (end of January).

His birthday flew by - again no blanket.

Our wedding anniversary in March came and went and still no blanket.

It had become this running joke. The blanket had started as a surprise. I hand sewed it so I didn't have to borrow a sewing machine and he wouldn't know about it. I worked on it for several months before he realised that his t-shirts weren't in the storage cupboard. Eventually I found myself sewing on the sofa, Handsome sitting next to me. He'd ask me what I'm working on and I would say 'can't tell you, it's a surprise!'

I finished it today.
6 months after the initial deadline.

Even though deadlines passed, I am so proud of it. I know it is not perfect. I know there are mistakes. I know that I could have paid someone else to make it and I would have a better blanket than I do now.
But I made this.
I sewed it all by hand. It was made with love and that makes it all the more meaningful.

It was the quilting to hold the wadding in place that took the longest time. I sewed around the patterns of the t-shirts. It took forever!

He doesn't look impressed, but he was quite happy to be helping me by holding the quilt - honestly!