Saturday, 28 February 2015

Me & Mine February

February seems to have flown by in a cloud of illness and filling in forms.
Our lives will be changing dramatically in a few months and it feels like the realities of that have started to sink in a little bit more. We have had form after form to fill in and there are still many forms to go, sorting out passports, visas, student loans and all the other things that I haven't thought of yet. 
My to-do list keeps growing and my M.E. has been playing up this month. I think it's partly due to the stress of getting things done and partly due to me trying to do too much to get everything sorted as soon as we can.
There have been several days spent curled up on the sofa under a blanket while my Handsome Man moves on to the next item on our to-do list.
As such February's photo isn't one of our happy smiling faces - I can count on one hand the number of days I put make-up on in February - our photo documents what February was like for us. Me on my sick bed (or watching crappy TV from the comfort of the sofa) and My Handsome Man giving comfort where he could. 
Hopefully March will be kinder to us.

dear beautiful

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Project 52: Week 7 & 8

I have a week to catch up on.

Week 7:
Last week I spent pretty much the whole week studying for a class I was teaching. Then at the weekend we had a family event to travel to, only problem was the Motorway was a nightmare, we ended up zigzagging our way north instead of taking the straight line up. On the way home we did a similar route and as I was reflecting on the fact that I hadn't take a photo that week, we entered a village called 'Danesford' and my Handsome Man (Dane) insisted on stopping and taking a photo.

Week 8:
More recently, the week has been quiet as I have tried to recover some health. Then later in the week My Handsome Man and I had been invited to a birthday party, we look after these boys quite regularly, so yesterday we went to the local swimming pool to celebrate, they have a small obsession with Mario and we found these cute hats for them to play with. The birthday boy raises his hat in the air as he declares: 'I'm Mario". We got a message from their parents this morning informing us their boys were up at 7:30am playing with their new hats.

Friday, 20 February 2015

A Life Change

For the last few months we have been on the edge of our seats, anticipating some big changes but trying not to get our hopes up incase the adventure we were planning fell through. Being Christians, we have prayed about this decision, we felt that it would happen, we think it will be a good experience for us, and a benefit for My Handsome Man's career.
We were excited and nervous but mainly excited.
Our financial situation has been rather dyer but we don't want money to limit us. We don't want to spend our lives wondering 'what if?' and so we went for it. My Handsome Man applied.
Then the waiting game began.

We got a sneak peek at what the answer would be. When your husband's application and creative ideas are described as 'fantastic' it kind of implies that he might just be successful. Still we didn't want to count our chickens, so to say. We didn't want to spread the news and then have it fall through. So we waited. Waited for the final answer. The final yes or no.

We have our answer.

It still feels too soon. The things we had been talking about for months suddenly hit us. There are a lot of steps before it actually happens. We have realised that the 'Yes' from the school was just the beginning. My to do list suddenly has a million and one things on it. Things pertaining to visas and updating passports, de-cluttering, etc.

You see, we are moving to Canada.

If all goes well, at least.
It still feels incredibly surreal to type that. In the next couple of months we will be selling our stuff, putting other stuff into storage (thank you parents for giving us use of your attic), sorting loans and other finances, then uprooting ourselves and moving to Canada for a year.
My Handsome Man has been accepted at Vancouver Film School where he will focus on script writing, and network like crazy.
We could not be more excited.

Now please excuse me as I finish making/start tackling my 'to-do' list!