Thursday, 4 September 2014

Photos from the wedding

Ellice chose the most beautiful flowers for her wedding in soft tones of pink and cream.
Formal photos took place at the chapel where they were married before we crossed town for the reception.

At the reception, we were treated to a hog roast, videos of the groom singing (much to his dismay) and the promise of children's entertainment.

This was the moment that my nephew discovered his second cousin is hilarious, so hilarious in fact that he couldn't contain himself and ended up throwing his roll over his head in the excitement:

There were lots of children at the wedding, lots of young families, the bride and groom had planned for this and had lots of treats for the children including ice cream, a sweet table, slushy machine and then once they were all on sugar highs, the exotic animals arrived. I missed photographing the baby crocodile, the millipede and several others, but I did get the snake, the skunk and the scorpion.
Although it was intended as entertainment for the large group of children, it ended up entertaining some of the adults as well.

Definitely a unique wedding.

See more photos from the wedding here.

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Little Things

On Saturday, we travelled north to gather as a family and witness a wedding.
A beautiful day.
I love the little moments.
The snippets in between shots.
The look on the groom's face as he first sees his bride.
The moments of affection between the bride and groom.
The flower girl patiently waiting, confetti clutched by tiny fingers, ready to greet the bride and groom.
Grandad enjoying having his grandchildren around.
The hug from daddy because you've had to be in what feels like a thousand photos - being a flower girl is hard work I'll have you know!
The hugs from family members.
The look on the bride's face, the quiet confidence of feeling absolutely beautiful and knowing how loved you are.
It is the little things that I love about weddings.

More photos will follow, this wedding was unique. Not every wedding has exotic animals to entertain the children!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

99 Trees

We are lucky to have the Cotswolds on our doorstep. 

There are so many beautiful villages that are quintessentially English. It's time we started to explore them! On the way to Stroud is the beautiful Painswick. At the centre is St Mary's Church.

Legend has it that there are 99 trees planted in the grounds of St Mary's Church in Painswick, if they try to plant number 100 the devil will come and destroy it.
All the Yew Trees are numbered.

I was disappointed to discover that the legend is just that - a legend. The 100th yew tree was planted in the year 2000. There are now over 100 trees in the grounds.
I'm not sure I believe it. Who wants to help me count them?

We explored the grounds of the church before wandering around the local shops.
I discovered a fabulous fabric store that I need to go back and spend an afternoon in. Maybe next time I'll have time to explore the Rococo Garden.