Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Nephew

We got together with my family on Bank Holiday Monday for a day out at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. I had not seen my nephew since January and in those two short months it was amazing to see how much he had grown. I am becoming incredibly aware of our impending move to Vancouver, British Columbia. He is at a delightful age and there are so many aspects of his personality that I want to remember.

Last time I saw him he was wobbly on his feet, still gaining confidence in his ability to walk. On Monday he was wearing reins and I soon discovered why. The second his feet hit the ground, he is off, in the direction of his choosing and nothing will stop him!

We arrived a bit later than the rest of the family and were met with stories of the day so far. My nephew wasn't scared of the animals, but he wasn't interested in them either - the one exception were the chickens, he could chase them! He wanted to chase the goose but Mummy wouldn't let him get close to it. The goose honked and he looked at it and honked back. He likes to imitate sounds.

Every time he walks past flowers he "smells" them. He hasn't quite grasped that smelling flowers requires an intake of breath through the nose, instead he breathes out through his nose as you would if blowing into a tissue or hankerchief.

His willingness to share.

But only if he is allowed to continue holding said thing he is sharing.

He was more interested in eating the cone than the ice-cream and was completely oblivious to the mess he was making on the inside of his buggy.

Post nap snuggles. He wasn't grumpy when he woke just bleary eyed. He was soon smiling away.

Relaxing after a long day out, Mummy made the sound of a raspberry. My nephew then wandered over to my brother (Daddy), proceeded to lift up his t-shirt and blow a raspberry on Daddy's stomach. This set everyone giggling and that only spurred him on, he likes an audience.

He is constantly joining in conversations or singing to himself in his own little language. He is currently at the stage where he thinks 'Daddy' or 'Dada' is the word for man/men and so every man that walks past him he'll call "Dada".

There were moments where he looked so grown up and then a split second later he was back to being the little toddler.

He wants to communicate with us but doesn't have the vocabulary to do so, if he wants our attention he will squeal or shout for us.

Wherever he goes, he leaves signs that he has been there. 

There are times he reaches for things which he's not allowed, his little hand goes up and Nana will say 'No'. He then turns to look at Nana, hand still in place, waiting for the second she looks away so he can continue exploring as he planned.

The toys he plays with he feels a need to share with the dog (even when the dog is being walked) he deposits random toys in her bed for her to play with later.

He loves cars.

He is such a sociable little boy and I am lucky to be his aunt.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Baby Girl

Close friends of ours recently welcomed a baby girl to their family. Her older brothers excitedly anticipated her arrival. We were invited over for cuddles and I took my camera ready to take some photos. She was just two days old. It is so easy to forget how tiny newborn babies are. She is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to have more cuddles.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Me & Mine - March

My Handsome Man and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday.
After a month of us having our own agendas and travelling different places, it was a much needed opportunity to relax and spend the day together.

Lunch at Boston Tea Party (complete with delicious butterscotch hot chocolate), a browse around a bookstore, purchasing presents for each other, then home to watch one of said presents made for the perfect day.

Dealing with M.E. makes celebratory days out difficult. I have to ration my energy meaning big trips out of the house are few and far between. To put things into perspective, I am still recovering from a workshop I helped run over a week ago.
There are days which are worth using up all my energy for, teaching over 300 women about their worth is one of those days, and celebrating my marriage to this amazing man is another.
I am so lucky that he is mine.

dear beautiful